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Estate Planning


 Without a well-prepared estate plan, your family faces legally complex and emotionally charged issues should you die without formal documentation. You and your family are entitled to the peace of mind that comes with the proper administration of well-drafted wills, trusts and health care directives.


Attending To Every Detail Of Your Estate Plan


I am estate and probate lawyer John Ashenden. I help my fellow Illinois residents with the establishment and administration of estate plans. I also work with my clients when disputes arise over wills, trusts, beneficiary designations and powers of attorney.Estate planning helps to clarify your wishes after your death. However, the best drafted wills and trusts will not automatically make probate and estate administration a smooth process. Loved ones may feel slighted after being left out of a will or dispute the selection of the executor. Many of my cases also involve representing minors in trust-related matters, including litigation.Finding resolution during an emotionally traumatic time will help you move on with your life.




Guardianship proceedings involve a court's decision to appoint a representative for a disabled person to make personal and financial decisions on their behalf. Guardianship cases can involve complicated legal matters, and are personally and emotionally difficult for all those involved. Mr. Ashenden is adept at guiding clients through the guardianship process, and provides skilled representation to clients in guardianship and probate proceedings.


Mr. Ashenden has served as legal counsel in all phases of guardianship proceedings, including and up to trials where the allegedly-disabled person has objected to the appointment of a guardian, and as to who should serve as the guardian. Effective representation in guardianship cases requires sensitivity to the nuanced issues that arise during such proceedings, and Mr. Ashenden puts the interests of the client first, in order to ultimately do what is best for the allegedly disabled person.

Eminent Domain

Real estate attorney John Ashenden has extensive experience representing private and governmental clients in cases involving eminent domain, takings, and real estate transactions. Mr. Ashenden brings his 30 years of legal experience to bear in dealing with complicated legal issues that arise during valuation disputes, determination of just compensation, and interactions with state and local public agencies.


Mr. Ashenden has successfully handled numerous eminent domain cases, and serves clients in Cook, Kane, McHenry, Lake and DuPage Counties. In addition, Mr. Ashenden frequently serves as a Special Assistant Attorney General in cases where the Illinois Department of Transportation ("IDOT") acquires property for road expansion projects. As someone who is familiar with every step of the legal process, Mr. Ashenden diligently applies his knowledge and expertise on behalf of his clients


Skilled And Knowledgeable In Eminent Domain Proceedings


The taking of private land for public use is a highly sensitive and legally complex issue. For the government, pursuing property via eminent domain is a daily endeavor. For landowners, it can interrupt business operations or lead to the closing of their companies.

While the government's legal counsel boasts knowledge of the rules governing eminent domain, we pride ourselves on our insight and experience that rivals theirs.

From the moment you are notified that the government wants to acquire your land, you need legal counsel to navigate you through the entire process. Should the government succeed in eminent domain proceedings, our job is to maximize the money that you deserve for your losses.

Real Estate Law


My experience in and knowledge of Illinois real estate law allows me to anticipate potential problems. Issues can arise during contract negotiations that require expert handling. I take on complex real estate contracts and transactions, including financing and easements.


Specific areas of my real estate practice include:

  • Residential and commercial real estate transactions

  • Purchase and sale of undeveloped land for residential developments, office buildings and retail facilities

  • Drafting, review and negotiation of real estate contracts and leases

  • Title review and insurance-related matters

  • Landlord-tenant law, including evictions and landlord representation

  • Building code violations

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